Launching Durham


Calling all Triangle Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and Startup Junkies!

You are invited to attend and participate in the first-ever Launch Days Durham. Launch Days Durham will be an inspiration-packed day where rising new business models are presented and an audience of learned peers offer constructive, collaborative input and vision. Attendees can expect to spark creativity and to ignite a shared passion for entrepreneurship.

Launch Days Durham is intended to highlight the community of catalysts and progressive risk takers thriving in the Triangle. The event is for professionals with an action plan, a business model, an idea and for veterans who have built businesses from a successful launch to a listing in the Inc. 5000.

Expect a day of discovery, constructive critique and unbridled spirit which champions great rewards from great risk.

The TechJournalSouth wrote a great article on the program in anticipation of today’s event. As of this morning, almost 100 people have registered. Join them here.